George Morgan

Undergraduate Student

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George Morgan grew up near Boston, Massachusetts and graduated from Newton South High School in 2016.  He is currently an undergraduate student in the MEng Biomedical Engineering programme at Imperial College London and is set to graduate in 2020.  He has been working in the Moore Lab alongside his course since March 2017.

George’s research is focused on reducing shear effects within fluids during syringe needle injection, specifically with a focus towards stem cell therapies. As cells are injected through a syringe needle, they experience ‘shear effects’ as a result of the non-uniform velocity profile of the cell-carrying fluid. Currently, up to 90% of injected cells die before even being delivered to the target area, thus making injectable stem cell therapies much less efficient. The main cause of death of the cells is currently ambiguous, but once an exact mechanism for shear-induced cell death is identified through experiments, a device can be developed to ensure maximum viability of cells.