Jennifer Frattolin

Research Associate

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Dr. Jennifer Frattolin was born in Thunder Bay, Canada and received her Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering in 2013 from Lakehead University. She continued her post-secondary education at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, completing her PhD in Mechanical Engineering in September 2018. Her doctoral thesis was supervised by Professor Rosaire Mongrain, focussing on the development of a biodegradable stent composed of iron and stainless steel 316L. Jennifer’s primary research interests include the development of medical devices, as well as the biomechanics of the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.

Within the Moore Lab, Jennifer’s research is focussed on understanding how chemokine gradients form utilizing microfluidic devices. Her current research focus is on the implementation of a self-assembling peptide hydrogel and investigating the biocompatibility of dendritic and lymphatic endothelial cells within it.  

In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys travelling, playing the piano, and spending time with family and friends.