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Welcome to the Moore Research Group website. If you are looking for our startup company, go to LymphaMotus.com.


Welcome to the research pages for the lab group of Prof. James Moore at Imperial College.

Our research focuses on the application of cutting-edge biomechanics to understanding basic physiology and disease formation in the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.  We also constantly aim to apply our findings to developing better treatments for patients suffering from diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, aneurysms, cancer and lymphoedema.  We employ experimental and computational tools, and have established collaborations with groups from around the globe.

Latest News From The Lab...

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson has passed her PhD examination – congratulations Sarah!

Lymphatic Forum 2019

Exploring the Lymphatic Continuum May 30-June 1, 2019 AT&T Conference Center Austin, TX On Thursday, 30th May, Professor Moore will be giving an invited talk entitled ‘Multiscale analysis of lymphatic muscle pumping‘ at 4.30pm at the Mechanobiology of Lymphatic Structure and Function.

NUS Singapore

Prof. Moore will be giving a seminar today (25 March 2019) discussing medical device entrepreneurship at @NUSingapore! Wishing him luck and happy travels!

Recent Research

Lymphatic Pumping Dynamics

A major function of the lymphatic vasculature is maintaining fluid homeostasis by returning interstitial fluid from all of the body’s tissues to the venous system. Lymphatic pumping is achieved by a combination of external compression and intrinsic contractions coupled with one-way valves. Intrinsic contractions arise from specialised muscle lining the vessel walls. Lymphatic vessels must […]

Lymphatic Muscle Contraction Dynamics

Contraction of lymphatic muscle cells is crucial for propelling lymph through the body.  These cells are a hybrid of cardiac, smooth and skeletal muscle types. Experimental evidence on whole cannulated vessels shows that the acto-myosin complex in these individual cells facilitates phasic contractions which in produce most of the pumping action.  The smooth muscle components […]

Cell Therapy Injection Strategies

Stem cells have shown promise for treatment of multiple diseases. Unfortunately, the techniques used to inject cells apply large forces to the cells that rupture their membranes, killing the cells.  We are developing a combination of suspension media and injection devices that minimise cell death.